Just over half of the group has attended an introductory course and are underway with training scans.

Look for the vascular access training block in the MD lounge to practice peripheral and central lines. Transvaginal probe is kept in box to the left of mailboxes in the MD lounge.

For useful information with training scans, including a comprehensive guide to what is required for each scan, click here. Also on this site is a link to how to save images on the GE. If you are at work and forget what images you need to save for each type of scan, click on the yellow link at the left of the page for a quick explanation.

If you have not yet attended a course and would like to, the calendar is here.

If you have done nothing so far, the first thing you should do is look in the left hand column at the yellow links to narrated online lectures . The first lecture is specific to OUR MACHINE and you should definitely have a look at it this week. To view the lecture, login with user@roperultrasound.com and password "roper".

Remember, our goal (and the ACEP requirement) is to reach 150 QA'd scans, divided roughly equally among the different types of scans including cardiac, AAA, gallbladder, vascular access, first trimester pregnancy, etc. One this is complete, you may begin making "clinical decisions" with ultrasound. I now sit on the credentials committee to make a smooth transition to getting you credentialed!

QA sheets are located in a plastic folder in the MD room. All you need is a sticker and your printed scans (P2 Button) for QA. Please put in my box after complete.

Should anyone want one on one instruction, I am HAPPY to set up a time to meet with you and scan. Check the schedule and email or call me to set up!