With a cropped top, a lace blouse or a simple marinière, one is comfortable and stylish. To appropriate the denim shorts, we take inspiration from the looks of the fashion influencers. We will explain everything to you.

Denim shorts, it feels good summer, the days on the beach and holidays. Like his cousin denim pants, he mixes with everything and slips in with his eyes closed.

Ideal for displaying tanned legs, denim shorts are the favorite piece of fashionistas. In the city as on the beach and even at the exit of the parades, shorts unleash passions. And frankly, when it’s hot, it’s more comfortable to wear than jeans!

Whether blue, white or black, wide or high-waisted, raw or torn, it is inspired by all the different fashion styles.

To appropriate this trendy piece, we are inspired by the looks of fashion influencers.

How to choose your jeans?

To choose your denim shorts, you can select it according to your style, your tastes, fashion trends but also according to your morphology.

In the end, between the mini-shorts, the high-waisted shorts, the boyfriend shorts, the long shorts, it is difficult to navigate!

If you have pretty shapes, you have to opt for high waisted shorts. In addition to lengthen your legs and mark your height, it blurs the hips and sublimates your buttocks. With a slightly flared cut, it’s a bit of the best ally of the summer!

If you are tall, you can absolutely afford everything. Avoid only really short shorts, which will give the illusion of a simple panties.


It’s very simple, the denim shorts are worn with everything. And do not think it only takes summer! The denim shorts can be worn in winter, with a nice pair of tights and a big wool sweater.

You see, the denim shorts are the chameleon piece in your closet! It is enough to associate it with certain pieces to give him pep’s or on the contrary to break his destroy side.

The evidence, at the last Cannes Film Festival, Kendall Jenner even appeared on the red carpet dressed in torn denim shorts and a black top troll.

In summer, denim shorts are worn with a white t-shirt, colorful sneakers and a wicker basket.

For spring, the denim shorts can be worn with a light sweater and ankle boots or a sailor and a beige trench. Just because the shorts are short does not mean that you can not wear a long jacket over it: you dare blazer, bomber, open shirt, etc.

With a shirt and a pair of ballerinas, the denim shorts become preppy. It’s not for nothing that this look has become the uniform of Alexa Chung!


The denim jacket is a small dinosaur fashion. They go through the years without wrinkles, the happy man. Better still, it’s old and we love it more, like good wine. Result? We draw the models of the 80s and 90s without being ridiculous. Practically.

We will not present it to you anymore. Since our teenage years he has shared our life: the denim jacket is the indispensable jacket for the mid-season.

How to wear it and where to find it, decodes fashion trends, fashion tips, and a good selection of stores.

Wear the denim jacket: select the model
Wearing a denim jacket already knows which denim jacket you need to choose. And in this ray there is something to do. There are many models of denim jackets like the trendy spring and summer shoes. 


The new denim trend is embroidered jeans. We find it everywhere: on parades, fashion influencers and street style. It’s simple, everyone wears it. And we, we love it. We explain how to choose it, how to wear it and why it’s the trendy jeans of the year.

Jeans are a bit of our favorite piece of clothing. The one we put on without thinking, which marries with the totality of our wardrobe and which sublimates our curves.

For a long time, trendy jeans have become the essential fashion piece for fashionistas dressing rooms.

As the seasons go by, jeans take on fashion trends and change their shape, color and details to match the desires of designers and fashion influencers.


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