Who is.. yciwolf ?


First, how old are you ? : « I can just say that I was born the same day as Kendall Jenner, Julia Channel, Gemma Ward and Anna Wintour and the year of the establishement of Alexander McQueen. You guessed it ? » Your passions : « Fashion and Tech Innovation since many, many years now, it's my life. » Why you are so in love w/ fashion : « I'm in love with fashion in global, it's a visual expression of our minds and our creativity. » For you, the best dressed woman : « Rihanna, Geneviève de Fontenay and Kendall Jenner, honorable mention for Gabrielle Coco Chanel, they are litterally the queens of fashion. » The fashion piece you hate : « Sneakers ! Except some designers ones and sarouels, hate them so much. » Your favorite movie : « Just a name : Nolan. When this name appears in the credits I have to see the film and they are always the best. » The style icon : « Lord Pretty Flacko, who can dress like him seriously ? I think he's a good sparring partner haha. » Your favorite brand and fashion designer : « DIOR for sure... Especially during the Raf Simons era. » For finish, why yciwolf : « Yes, there is a real meaning behind this, it's like a part of the mystery I grow and I care for but it's more complex than you think. »

Post-scriptum : I can build you a fresh lookalike website like mine if you need it, just contact me ;)

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