My first trip of 2018. Belize!

So, rather than set new years resolutions that I will undoubtedly fail at, I began to set goals for my life.  Every year in December, many of us set new years resolutions.  I was always the girl who set a weight loss goal, and would lose weight.  But then after a few months, I would gain the weight back.  After several years of falling off and feeling frustrated, I began to stop making resolutions.  Then I thought, maybe if I write my goals down, I would stick with them.  And I could keep track of the goals as well as monitor them and stay focused.  They sort of become tangible in this way. So about two years ago, I began setting life goals and wrote them down in my monthly organizer.  I made a simple rule when creating these goals of mine.  I took a page right out of nursing school days and said that my goals would be SMART.  This is an acronym that ensures your goal is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY.

I said all that to say, one of my goals for 2018 and beyond is to travel more.  With this broad goal in mind, I had to do a little research to make a plan. Where would I travel? Domestic or international? When would I start traveling? How much would it cost etc? January 15th is my husbands birthday and I felt this was the perfect opportunity to kick off the year traveling as well as dust off our passports.

I planned a surprise birthday trip to Belize.  Neither of us had ever been to Central America, so it was the perfect destination to experience.  My husband had no other plans for his 35th birthday, so I asked him to take a chance and let me plan everything.  I let him know the days to take off work and let his mind wonder of all the places we might travel.  I booked our tickets on which travels directly to Belize city and booked our lodging at Naia Resort and Spa.

This beautiful and relaxing resort is located in Plasencia, Belize.  This is about three hours from the international airport in Belize city, Belize if your driving.  But we were there for a very short time so we took a “puddle jumper” or smaller jet that holds about twelve passengers to get to this private island.  This saved us time but did have an additional cost.  But it was well worth it since we only there for 4 days and 3 nights. The private beach houses are quiet, spacious, and beautiful.  Although we didn’t get a plunge pool, the beach house was everything you could dream of.  The most attractive feature besides being nestled right on the ocean, was the outdoor shower.  We took advantage of room service as well as dined at the restaurants on site 1981 and the beach bar and grill.  Everything was delicious and it left us wanting to try everything on the menu.

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