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Affordable Painting & Pressure Washing

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Exterior and Interior Painters

Painting exterior and Interior residential properties with the added bunus of pressure washing services makes Affordable Painting & Pressure Washing the all in one painting contractor for your home beautification projects.

Scheduled Start Times and Appointments

No late arrivals on your project. We get there on time every time. Our demanding schedule dictates a level of professionalism that no other painting company in Brevard County Florida can or will achieve.

Affordable Painting & Pressure Washing hub location, 450 Distribution Dr, Melbourne FL 32904, serves as a daily staging location for crews and service technition team leaders. The public is welcome to stop by our location. Painting areas in Brevard County include Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, Rockledge, India Harbor Beach, Indialantic and Melbourne Beach. 818-790-9423
Licensed Painting Contractor

Brevard County Licensing is no joke for a painting contractor. We are required to pass an exam for both Florida law and contractor knowledge assessment which is a multi hour exam.

The text books alone can not be held under one arm. Your home is in good hands, we are licensed to water proof skyscrapers and bridge foundations and all that knowledge is applied to your home.

Exterior Painting

Before we start painting these are the steps we take on the right. Follow the link below to view a robust overview or our procedures.

Exterior Painting
Service Technition Arrival

Expect a good morning knock on your door and a daily brief summery of our expected goals from our knowledgable Service Technition.

Pressure Washing

We use  biodegradable cleaning solutions to kill mildew and Algae on your home and wash it all alway preparing your surfaces for a sealer.

Waterproof Sealer & Bonder

All walls should have sealer applied for protection and to create a sure bond between paint and substrate, { i.e., stucco, block, wood, metal, vynal }.

Project Preperation

Holes, cracks, window returns, door jams will all be caulked ensuring no water penetration from those  areas.

Interior Painting

Interior walls and trim are a little different with the painted surface preperation. View procedures on the right.

Service Technition Arrival

After a hearty good morning and brief summery of our daily goals, we begin the prep work.

Doors -Door Jams – Baseboard

Door knobs and door handles will be removed. Door Jams and baseboard will be caulked. Doors will be sanded and cleaned.


We  look at the walls for imperfections from previous paint applications and dicuss all problem areas and determine what the home owner wants done.

Drywall Repair

Our normal proceedure is to spackle all screw and nail holes as directed by owner. If an area of wall needs drywal work we will bring this to the attention of the owner.

Driveway Painting

Driveways can get oil and mildew stained fairly easy and look a mess. We can fix that problem with quality wormanship with specialty coating systems make for a quick painting project.

Melbourne FL Painted Driveway
Palm Bay FL Painted Driveway
Viera FL Painted Driveway
Indialantic FL Painted Driveway

Pool Deck Painting

We can eliminate slippery pool decks by adding an aggregate and your children will have a safer fun environment.

(573) 751-1162
Melbourne FL Painted Pool Deck
Palm Bay FL Painted Pool Deck
Viera FL Painted Pool Deck
Indialantic FL Painted Pool Deck

Manufactured Home Roofs

A new roof coating will reduce your energy cost. The insulation from the coating and the reflective white color bring lower electricity bills

Melbourne Florida Manufactured Home Roof
Palm Bay Florida Manufactured Home Roof