Simple, Fast and Practical

Medical Screening Service


Think of our product as a tablet based digital clipboard that streamlines your ability to provide preventative medicine, and track/report for MIPS while insuring that you get paid for the screening and counseling interventions that are mandated my MACRA and the Affordable Care Act.

Our tablet based clip board digitizes your current patient intake forms and administers appropriate screening tests based on your patient’s response to specific questions.

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  1. We identify the most appropriate preventative interventions for your patient.
  2. We establish medical necessity based on patient’s response to questionnaire.
  3. We provide the documentation for your preventative intervention
  4. We send a charge slip directly to your biller with the exact ICD10 and CPT codes to append the E/M visit.


We also help you with your implementation and documentation of Opioid Risk Management. Our software accomplishes this through an algorithm that interprets your patient’s responses to the Opioid Risk Test and the Somatic Sensitivity Severity Test.

Additionally, we track 6 MIPS Performance Indicators, fulfill 4 MIPS Improvement Activities, and provide reporting information on these criteria in real time!

Revenue Stream

Our software unlocks a revenue stream that allows you to get paid for those many services that you are currently providing for free.

For example,

We guarantee that you will be reimbursed for each of our Computerized Assessments (National Provider Average=$28.85). If your not reimbursed, neither are we.

Additional Reimbursements Include:

  • Annual Depression Screen ($18.86 NPA)
  • Annual Alcohol Screen ($18.26 NPA)
  • Brief Alcohol Misuse Counsel ($26.24 NPA)
  • Semiannual STD Counsel ($28.26 NPA)
  • Tobacco Use Screen Counseling ($14.32 NPA)
  • Obesity Counseling ($26.14 NPA)
  • Fall Risk Assessment ($95.00 NPA)
  • Assessment by Computer ($28.85 NPA)
  • CVD risk reduction counsel ($26.14 NPA)