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Import your transactions from your favorite exchanges

Developed by hodlers for hodlers
Virtus is the most elegant tool to monitor your cryptocurrency portfolio. Keep track of your Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other alt coin regardless its exchange.

Automatic imports from


Track your portfolio everywhere

Enjoy the comfort of anonymous registration and have all of your transactions synched across every device
Virtus is fast and never lets you down. Information is updated constantly, seamlessly and in a matter of milliseconds.
Watch out Blockfolio, there is a new kid on the block!


Glimpse the market like never before

The ultimate cryptocurrency tracking tool is finally here!

  • Beautifully designed dashboards
  • Real time exchange and/or global price data
  • API and/or CSV imports
  • Multiple Fiats
  • Access each coin's Reddit and Twitter feed
  • Killer alerts that notify you on price thresholds


Virtus brings more to you

Enjoy all the features


Virtus allows you to watch the market like never before with our tile and compass views


Insert your transactions across any exchange and start tracking your P&L


Overview your portfolio with unique and accurate metrics

API & CSV Import

Import your transactions from Coinbase, GDAX, Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex (more soon)

Track Fee Costs

Know how much you have spent on fees, you will be amazed!


Track the social activity for each coin either on Twitter and/or Reddit

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